Virtual Prayer

Dear Pray-er,                            

We are sitting on the edge of a very critical time in history. Please join us in the prayer of agreement with ministry leaders on behalf of Israel, the Jewish people, and America. 

DFZ Teleconference times and phone numbers:


First Tuesday every month (10 a.m. CT) dial: (805) 399-1000 | Access Code: 716198#


First Thursday every month (5:30 p.m. CT) dial: (559 )726-1200  |  Access Code: 951388#

Join Online streaming use this link:  
We ask that you mute your phone so prayer leaders can be heard clearly. G-d Bless you for your faithfulness.


Weekly, every Monday (8 a.m. CT) dial: (712) 770-4122  |  Access code: 801903#


Weekly Prayer Radio Program (1 p.m. CT)

Oregon DFZ brings you a weekly radio program of Prayer for Israel that anyone can access through the internet!

Please join their prayer team every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. PT for an hour of prayer and scripture. There is no space nor time in prayer, previous programming is archived and prayer points are included to share with your prayer groups.  

Click here to learn more: Oregon Daughters For Zion Prayer Hour


Weekday Prayer (5 a.m.) 

Prayer is a catalyst to every great move of God. When executed from a heart longing to experience and see the manifested presence of God, prayer moves mountains of every size. No matter the depth, width or height: personally and corporately, prayer housed from the Word of God will execute the greatest, most successful and strategic moves of God.Imagine the potential (untapped ability) available for and in the life of one who steps to the plate, executing Spirit led, scripturally based, faith filled petitions to God. Circumstances and lives will be changed forever.

Join Melva Henderson every weekday at 5:00 a.m. CT for prayer.

Dial: (319) 527-2802  |  Access Code: 296367#


Weekly, every Wednesday (8 a.m. CT): 

This is an important time to join together in prayer for the nations of Israel and the United States. Join with us as we lift up the leaders of these great nations in prayer. 
Dial: (701) 801-1211  |  Access Code: 492-836-754#